BS Psychology

One of the Programs offered in the University of the Assumption under School of Arts and Sciences is BS Psychology which focuses on the scientific study of individual and collective behavior, the physical and environmental bases of behavior, and the analysis and treatment of behavioral problems and disorders.

Policies and standards for undergraduate programs in Psychology are in accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994,” and by virtue of the Commission on banc Resolution No. 289-2010 dated November 12, 2010 and for the purpose of making relevant the general principles and guidelines for the establishment and operation of undergraduate Psychology program in all higher educational institutions in the country, this set of policies

The program is for students who wish to learn about the fundamental study of the mind and behavior of a person. According to CHED MEMORANDUM ORDER (CMO) No. 38, Series of 2010, Art. 1 Sec. 1 Rationale and Background, Psychology is a discipline and professional practice contributes to national development through basic and applied research interventions aimed at solving problems and promoting optimal development and functioning at the individual, family, group, organizations/institutions, community and national level. The undergraduate programs in Psychology prepare students for jobs that may involve training, testing and research, and provide preparation for graduate studies in Psychology as well as further studies in many other professions.


Department of Psychology and Social Sciences cognizant of the mission of the University of the Assumption as a Catholic educational institution and the goals of the School of Arts and Sciences as a center of excellence for teaching and research in the Psychology and Social Sciences, the Department of Psychology and Social Sciences (DPSS) is committed to pursue and promote the values of academic excellence, quality, research and scholarship, integrity, respect, for the individual, collegiality, participatory processes and social responsibility. Specifically, it aims to provide the students a balanced and firm foundation in theory and research with a Filipino and Christian orientation. The department envisions its undergraduate students to be responsive to contemporary demands and social concerns of the Philippines, produce professionals who are able to critically comprehend, integrate, and apply the perspectives and skills of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology in the development of human resources and management of change in organizations, communities and institutions.

AB Communication

In 1998, University of the Assumption starts to offer Bachelor of Arts in Communication program. It was added among the majors in Liberal Arts.

The Department of Communication and Languages aims to develop the linguistic proficiency of UA students producing graduates who are able to communicate effectively and who can express their ideas, thoughts and feelings clearly, correctly, and accurately.

As the home of AB Communication program, the department also aims to produce competent, ethical and community-oriented Mass Communication practitioners who will seek, expose, analyze, interpret and disseminate the truth behind the never0ending drama of human history and experiences.


  • To equip students with functional linguistic knowledge and skills in grammar, reading, writing, speech, and literature which they can use as tools in learning their perspective academic discipline and professions
  • To build a community of language scholars who are not only confined in the mainstream media but are also capable of serving the community as consultants, resource speakers, trainers and researchers
  • To provide adequate knowledge on the ethical guidelines and laws governing the media and its practitioners
  • To instill among students the values of truth, intellectual honesty, objectivity, openness, harmony, tolerance, flexibility, and conscientiousness in the practice of fair and balanced reporting as well as in directing public opinion to what is just and right
  • To produce AB Communication graduates who will assume the responsibility of safeguarding the society by becoming competent members of the media industry, the community, the nation and the world.

BS Psychology

  • Annual Convention of the Psychological Association of Philippine Junior Affiliates
  • Student Excursion to National Center for Mental Health
  • Incrementum Ceremony
  • Psychology Congress

AB Communication

  • Mise-En- Scene Documentary and Short Film Festival
  • Mock Events-Social Events
  • Upcycle Variety Show
  • Radio Mariae Anniversary
  • Publicite Advertising Festival
  • Theater Tour
  • EdukCircle International Center for Communication Studies/ Communicators’ Guild Media
  • Conference

BS Psychology


Clinical Setting

  • National Center for Mental Health

School Setting

  • University of the Assumption
  • Pampanga High School
  • San Matias High School
  • Mary the Queen Academy
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools

Industrial Setting

  • San Miguel Foods
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Pepsi Company
  • Department of Education
  • Social Security System
  • Universal Robina Corporation


  • Psychological Association of the Philippines junior Affiliates (PAPJA)
  • Pambansang Samahan sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino

AB Communication


Broadcasting (Television Networks)

  • GMA 7 (Global Media Arts)
  • ABS-CBN 2 (Alto Broadcasting System Chronicle Broadcasting Network)
  • TV 5 (Media Quest)
  • IBC 13 (Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Light Network
  • CLTV 36 (Central Luzon Television)

Broadcasting (Radio Stations)

  • 106.7 Energy FM
  • Magic 89.9
  • Bright FM 91.9
  • RW 95.1
  • GVFM 99.1

Journalism (Print Media)

  • Philippine Information Agency
  • Central Luzon Daily
  • SunStar Pampanga

The Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP)

Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU): Level II Re-Accredited Status

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