UA Alumni Creates Content for a President

Assumptionist turned social media officer of one of the top personalities in the media industry, Rhovin Luke Maglaqui definitely is on for a good start to his career.

Rhovin currently works as the Social Media Officer of the President of Creative Programs Inc. under ABS-CBN Corporation and the Executive Director of the Bantay Bata 163 program of the ABS-CBN Foundation, Ernie Lopez. He graduated with a degree in AB Communication in 2018 at the University of the Assumption and was a former staffer of Regina, university publication.

“My four years at UA and Regina actually trained me as a writer and a storyteller. I was an aspiring journalist and I can say that my experiences during those times exposed me a lot to the real world,” he said.

Though he has been working for only a couple of months in his current position, Rhovin has been with ABS-CBN for nearly two years. He had previous jobs as a metadata writer for the Big Dipper, which is also under ABS-CBN in June 2018, and transferred in Star Cinema as an online writer in June 2019.

In handling social media accounts, Rhovin said that his job entails creativity and staying on top of online trends. “Being a social media officer does not really have a format or pattern to follow. Anything may become popular in the internet, so you must actually be creative in creating your content,” he said. Apart from that, the responsibility of giving his best in every given task kicks in as he works for a leading company and its leaders.

Currently, Rhovin enjoys out of town trips for TV shoots as part of his job – learning about various cultures in the country and meeting diverse groups of people while making a mark in his chosen field. He also has been featured recently on the website of Myx Philippines where he shared his experience working with the company president of a top-notch media network. (

To the aspirants, Rhovin shares a piece of advice. “Study hard and learn a lot, particularly through extra-curricular activities that will train you further. Do not just confine yourselves inside the four corners of the classroom. Try a lot of activities! It may consume you a lot of time but you will surely bear the fruits of your hardwork in the future. Also, learn to take risks and experiment,” he said.

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