Kickstarting the New Academic Year, the Assumptionist Way

UASHS Supreme Student Council, once again, led the annual activity for the opening of the school year in the University of the Assumption Senior High School, with a bang.

Kickstart, the welcoming activity for Grade 11 was held at the Archbishop Emilio Cinense Gymnasium on June 14.

UASHS Dance Troupe opened the event with an electronic performance. This was followed by a presentation by Lawrence Mendoza, UASHS Supreme Student Council president, who talked about some tips and guidelines on the University’s advocacies, proper time management for students, and other important school reminders.

Dr. Violy Fernanda Santos, UASHS Principal rallied the students to treat each other as companions in a journey, together with their teachers.

“As we begin this academic year, consider this as a journey where your teachers and employees of our school are your co-travellers,” said Santos. She also briefed the students on the program called “Week One” that allows the UASHS learners to explore and learn the life inside the University on the first week of classes.

For her part, Dr. Mediatriz D. Martiz, Vice President for Academic Affairs, called on the students to become engaged students. She said, “No matter how much effort your principal, your teachers, [and] your support staff give, everything will be in vain without your will to do better.” UASHS SSC vice president Ma. Agnes Anne Dizon presented the anticipated activities for the academic year.

Students participated in the different activities and competitions that boosted participation and camaraderie among the students. In the yell competition, red team was hailed as the winning group. It was comprised of the sections Saint Francisco Marto, Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Our Lady of Montserrat, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of the Rosary.

Metanoia and Rumain, both are UASHS bands, played songs during the Kickstart. The UASHS pep squad gave an intense dance performance, which was enjoyed by the whole community and was then followed by the introduction of the UASHS administrators and faculty members.

The event was blissfully wrapped up by giving out free ice cream to the students.

by Mr. Jayvie S. Aboyme

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