Why would you take Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) in UA?

Many incoming college students apply in academic programs that are popular because of the common notion that there is a higher chance of getting employed if one is a graduate of these programs. Unfortunately, Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) is not one of these programs.Ask a class of senior high school students who among them want to take up BLIS and, most of the time, you’ll get blank stares rather than hands raised.

This must have been caused by the belief that BLIS graduates will end up working as librarians and many young people today shudder at the idea of becoming the librarian they know: old, snobbish woman who make sure people are quiet while inside the library.

S.R., a BLIS student from a well-known university, posted on finduniversity.ph “The first question we always get when asked about our course is ‘Ano ‘yun?’ and when we explain what it is, the next would be ‘ahhhh. mayganoonpalatayo’.” And, ‘so, you want to be a librarian?’.”

While it is true that a BLIS program is the passport to becoming a professional librarian, the modern librarian is more than just the lousy old maid,most young people imagine. The librarian has evolved into a sophisticated professional who loves books and technology.

BLIS equips the student with knowledge and skills in the management of library operations; the systematic organization, conservation, preservation and restoration of books, historical and cultural documents and other intellectual properties; and the integration of information technology and management information system for effective organization, use and delivery of learning resource and services.

In an article that appeared on rappler.com, Gillian Reyes defines the responsibility of modern librarian which “does not end with the catalog, but continues as a guide of a community in their pursuit and consumption of information. Librarians wield the power to understand both the quick arrangement, dissemination, and ethics involved in the realm of information.” The increase in e-books and the greater access to internet opens more opportunities for professional librarians who can guide the people to the truth in the sea of information available to them.

There are abundant exciting career opportunities available to graduates of the BLIS program which includes archivist, documentalist, information scientist, researcher, media or audiovisual specialist, cataloguer, bibliographer and many more.

In the University of the Assumption, courses in knowledge management and data science has been added to the BLIS curriculum, to equip the students with skills in information technology.

Also, UA helps our students develop the right values and attitudes to become professionals who possess the Assumption attributes, including passion in work, uncompromising integrity, social responsibility and servant leadership. This is to ensure that our graduates are ready for the wide array of opportunities in local and international jobs market.

For more information on the Bachelor of Library and Information Science program, please contact (045) 9613617 local 104 (UA College Guidance and Admissions Office) or 134 (College of Information Technology, Computing and Library Science).

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