UA Collabs with Wyith Institute of HongKong for Outreach Overseas

The University of the Assumption reached out to overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Hongkong through its Community Extension Office together with the Office for Linkages and International Linkages Office, College of Nursing and Pharmacy, College of Information Technology, Computing and Library Science, Office of Student Affairs and Research and Planning Office.

Different activities were held to promote spiritual and health awareness among OFWs.

Rev. Fr. Raymond Mi, a Dominican priest, celebrated the Holy Mass while Sr. Marissa Y. Figueroa, UACEO Director of the UA Extension Office, provided spiritual activities that allowed participants to reflect and be gratified about their experiences as OFWs. Figueroa facilitated the reflection sessions which focused on their well-being.

UACONP Dean Anele Mallari, a registered nurse, led the body mass index measurement, blood-pressure taking, and blood sugar testing which was given free of charge to the OFWs. She also lectured on wellness and stress management which was appreciated by Filipino workers whose work abroad and their separation from their family impacts their physical health.

Ms. Precious Bernadette Estrada, UA OSA Director, also took the opportunity to present the most recent developments in UA and gave a rundown of its mission and vision.

A focus group discussion (FGD) was facilitated by Dr.Arnel T. Sicat, UA-RPO Director. Itcentered on eliciting perceptions of the OFWs about wellness and sharing their experiencesliving away from their families.

Dr. Joey M. Suba, Dean of the UA-CITCLS, coordinated the entire event which benefited about 60 OFWs.

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