Pupils, Teachers, Guests Enjoy UAGS Achievement Fair 2018

University of the Assumption Grade School (UAGS) celebrated a fun filled Achievement Day Fair 2018 at the University Gymnasium on February 8.

According to Ms. Ruth Intal, Student Activity Coordinator, the main aim of the activity is to highlight the achievements of the pupils and to exhibit their best school projects collected throughout the school year.

“In UAGS, we keep all the projects done by our pupils and we display them in a exhibit room. We do it to appreciate their efforts. We also thought of making the lessons more interactive for the children, so we brought the lessons out of the classrooms and into the fair,” said Intal.

Booths were put up and activities were made for students, teachers, and other members of the UA community to enjoy.

The games in each booth were based on the subject areas being taught in grade school such as Science, English, Math, Filipino and more. Prizes and freebies were also given away to winners and participants.

UAGS pupils also rendered various performances which made the celebration livelier.

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