UAJHS Organizes Fair in Celebration of Advocacy Day

Filled with fun, the University of the Assumption Junior High School celebrated the annual Advocacy Day
on July 21 at the UAJHS grounds.

Booths and games were set by students and teachers to promote the seven UAJHS advocacies including
UAJHS for L.I.F.E (Leadership/Volunteerism, Intellect, Faith, Environment), UA Graduate Attributes, 12
Little Things Every Assumptionist Can Do for UA, Alang Plastikan, Foul-Language Free, I Speak English,
and Cheat Free.

According to Ms. Edita Sagmit, principal of UAJHS, the advocacy day is an important event of the school
since it serves as a reminder for everyone to support various causes devoted to the preservation of the
environment, and the formation of students according to the mission of the university.

“The focus of our event is always on the formation of our students to be biasa, mayap, and maganaca.
It’s about nurturing ‘empowered champions’ through various activities that will help in their
development,” said Sagmit.

She also explained that aside from the promotion of the advocacies, it is important that the students will
have a realization and application of the event’s purpose.

“We are more focused on how our students should apply these advocacies in their lives even with the
small acts of being responsible and disciplined,” she added.

Coinciding with the nutrition month celebration, activities prepared included: Advocacy Booth contest,
Search for Miss Advocacy, poster-making contest, cooking contest along with the different games
prepared per booth.

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