Student-Leaders Gather at UA for Religare 2017

Student-leaders from various schools and universities in Central Luzon gathered at the University of the
Assumption for the 13 th Annual Religare and 9 th Student Congress on July 28-30, 2017.

With the theme “Defining Our Dreams, Unifying in Excellence”, the convention brought together 147
delegates from 16 schools and universities in the region. Leadership trainings and activities were set to
intensify the bond among student-leaders.

Relevant topics were discussed during three plenary talk sessions. Invited as resource speakers were Mr.
Jiggy Manicad, GMA News Producer and Reporter who discussed about “Social Media as a Means of
Educating and Empowering the Youth”; Bataan First District Representative Geraldine B. Roman who
shared her thoughts on “Gender and Development: Building a Gender Inclusive Leadership”; and Mr.
Joseph Navarro, President of Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association with the topic “Leadership:
Upholding the Future Nation’s Leaders”.

Religareans also led a Sunday school activity for children as part of their outreach program. Among the
highlights of the 3-day event also include ‘R Night’ – a socialization event, and some team building
activities which were facilitated by the Ayala Young Leaders Congress.

According to Kersie Galang, University of the Assumption Central Student Council (UACSC) president, an
event such as the Religare is really important because it helps students establish a deeper connection
with their fellow leaders.

“When attending Religare, you would eventually realize that there is so much to learn and still so much
to do to be able to serve better the studentry,” said Galang. “You also begin to realize the worth of your
commitment and work, and that this is the start of fulfilling your dreams to become a nation’s future
leader,” he added.

The Religare is organized annually by the UACSC with the UA recognized student organizations. It was
established in 2005 with an objective to intensify the leadership capabilities of the students not only
within the University but also in the whole region.

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