UA High School Batch 1984 Reunites

It was a nostalgic and happy moment for the alumni of the University of the Assumption High School Batch 1984 as they gathered again for their reunion on their 33 rd year in the Domus Mariae International Center Coffeeshop in UA on June 24, 2017.

Laughter and joy echoed through the halls of the venue as they relived their memories in the presence of their former teachers. Some of the alumni even fled from abroad to join the momentous event.

Sr. Arsenia Puno, O.P. who was the principal of the class expressed how delighted she was to see how successful the members of the first batch of students to graduate under her term have become. The alumni, on the other hand, said that they were genuinely grateful for all that their teachers have done for them.

One of the alumni recalled how their class was made to do menial jobs including cleaning the classroom which, to him, helped him become who he is today. Another gave the title the “coolest teacher” to his former CLE teacher who even accompanied them in going to the disco house after their Junior-Senior Prom.

Amid all the cheers, joy and happy memories, the alumni honoured their teachers by giving them bouquet of flowers and gifts.

According to Engr. Conrado “Ray” Fabros, the homecoming materialized through the support of
all the members of the batch including those who live in other countries who sent material support. “We used to have our reunion every five years, but this year, although we had our reunion only three years ago, on our 30 th year, we decided to gather again since most of us are turning 50 years old already,” he said. The batch, while excitedly looking forward to their grand reunion on their 50 th year, decided to hold their get-together annually to be hosted by the sections alternately.

The event was made more enjoyable and full of fun with the different games, presentations and raffle.

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