Job Opportunities for UA Grads Brought to Campus

To assist graduating students and job seekers find employment opportunities, the University of the Assumption facilitated the 2017 Local Recruitment Activity on March 28, 2017 in cooperation with twenty-four local and international companies and industry partners in the country.

UA Guidance and Admissions Office (GAO) spearheaded the annual job placement pursuit as an extended service to the Assumptionists. “One of the services of the school is to guide the students even after they have graduated and not only while they are schooling. We always wanted to help them especially with their job search,” said Ms. Leila Luz Caballa, GAO director.

Graduating students attended the activity bringing not only their resumes but also their hopes to be immediately interviewed and be accepted for employment.

According to Shawn Carlo, an HRM student, the campus job fair is really convenient to them since it saves them time and money in visiting their prospect companies.”This recruitment activity is helpful for us. It’s like a one-stop shop where you get to submit your resume and have your initial interview right away without spending on transportation fares and allowances.”



Moreover, John Nicole Buenafe, an AB Communication student said he felt that the school is helping its graduates to secure their future through helping them find and land a job by providing a venue where they could apply to as many companies they desire.

The participating companies came from outsourcing, banking, business, marketing, IT, media, medical, and educational industries and institutions.

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