AB Comm Films Honored in 12th Mise-en-Scene Awards Night

Glitz and glamour filled SM Pampanga’s event center asthe University of the Assumption AB Communication students, alumni, faculty members and guests arrived all dressed in their alluring gowns and suits during the Awards Night of the “12 th Mise-En- Scene Documentary and Short Film Festival” held on March 6.

With the theme “Perfection of Creativity”, the twelfth year of the film festival was a showcase of excellence. Only twelve, out of twenty-oneentries, qualified to compete after undergoing screening and evaluation.

“For this year’s fest, the students were challenged to be more imaginative and creative in presenting their stories through film,” said Precious Eunice Canlas, Mass Communication Students Association president. She also said that they made sure that the films catered to different types of audiences.


Bumisitawas adjudged as the Best Original Story, Best Editing, 2 nd Best Picture, and Best Short Film titles. Its director, TheriesMagbag, was hailed as the Best Director. Meanwhile, Balu Cu Naman, a sequel to last year’s EdaBalu, earned four recognitions: Best Screenplay, Best Picture and 2 nd Best Short Film. The director of the film, Angela Yusi, was the recipient of the prestigious Brilliante Mendoza Award.

Here is a complete list of the awarded films and personalities:

  • Best Original Story: Bumisita
  • Best in Production Design: Paninap
  • Best Musical Score: Pulandit
  • Best Editing: Bumisita
  • Best Movie Theme Song: Iska
  • Best Screenplay: Balu Cu Naman
  • Best Cinematography: Pisabyan
  • Best Supporting Actor: YajedRamleyYusi (Balu Cu Naman)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Manliclic (4 th Horseman)
  • Best Director: TheriesMagbag
  • Best Actor: John Nicole Buenafe
  • Best Actress: Lorraine Villanueva (Ana Iskitso)
  • Viewers choice: Oksi
  • Box Office Award: Oksi
  • 3rd Best Picture: 4th Horseman
  • 2nd Best Picture: Bumisita
  • Best Picture: Balu Cu Naman
  • 3rd Best Short Film: 4th Horseman
  • 2nd Best Short Film: Balu Cu Naman
  • Best Short Film: Bumisita
  • Brilliante Mendoza Award: Balu Cu Naman (directed by: Angela Yusi)
  • Over-all Champion Award: Exemplary Class

The filmfest had its premiere screening at the SM Pampanga Cinema 3 on February 23, 2017 and a three-day regular screening from February 28 to March 2 at the University auditorium.

Mise-En-Scene Documentary and Short Film Festival is an annual event of the Mass Communication Students Association which started in 2005. It served as an arena for students to put into practice the theories and elements of film making they have learned.

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