UA BS Tourism Management Students Run Colorful Run

In line withoutcome-based education (OBE) model, which is currently being used in all academic programs to ensure the preparedness of UA students to global jobs in the 21 st century, students of Events Management course are required to organize, at least, one major activity to enhance their proficiency.

One such event was the Color Coalition 2017 on February 4, 2017 at Beverly Place Commercial Center in Mexico, Pampanga.BS Tourism Management 3B class organized and managed the event.

Students used social media to promote Color Coalition which proved to be a cheap way to reach out to many prospective runners. According to JeninahLazaro, student manager, they were expecting that the participants will come from the UA community. “After we uploaded the promotions and ads on the internet, we were surprised at the response we received.”Runners came from Guagua, San Fernando, Mexico and nearby places, including students from different schools.

color coaliton 2

“Organizing the Color Coalition 2017 was a good way for us (BSTM students) to discover our potentials and realize that while we are still studying, we can also excel in managing events,” explained Lazaro. She added that it was, as well, an effective means to promote UA and show the versatility of its students even as she thanked her classmates for their commitment.

Medals and cash prizes were awarded to the top finishers.

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