Psych Studes Reach Out to Special Children

SFES pupils with hearing impairment and UA Psychology students posed doing the “I love you” sign language.

As part of the celebration of Psychology Week 2016, University of the Assumption BS Psychology 2A class, in cooperation with Psychology Society, visited San Fernando Elementary School (SFES) for their Adopt-A- Child activity on September 30, 2016.

Thirty-four pupils with hearing impairment were engaged in interactive learning activities which culminated in fellowship over meals shared by the Psych students.

The event is annually held by the Psychology Department to highlight the value of caring for children with special conditions, as well as to let Psychology students observe varied children’s behavior.

Ms. Judy Vinuya, adviser of Psychology 2A class said that this activity is important because the principles that are being taught inside the classroom are observed and applied in actual settings. “Psych students are exposed to real cases which are otherwise discussed only in the in class,” she said.

Adopt-A- Child primary advocates are Psychology students taking up Educational and Developmental Psychology.

Dr.Edna Calma, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; and Ms. Heidi Pantig, Adviser of Psychology Society, graced the event and participated in most of the activities.

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