ITRS Director Earned His Doctor of Sacred Liturgy

Father Oliver G. Yalung, Director of the University of the Assumption Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) finished his doctorate degree in Sacred Liturgy from San Beda College Paul VI Graduate School of Sacred Liturgy in July 2016.

His dissertation was entitled “The Growth and Maturation of the Church by the Paschal Mystery of Christ in the Light of the Sunday Prefaces of Ordinary Time of the Roman Missal 2002”.

Fr. Yalung explained that attaining the degree was difficult for him because it required him to do a lot of research even while he was busy in his ministry as a priest in the Archdiocese of San Fernando and one of the formators in the Mother of Good Counsel Seminary.

It took Fr. Yalung almost four years to finish his doctoral degree. But it definitely inspired him to continue doing researches and discover new perspectives in Theology and Liturgy.

“I always tell myself and others that the degree is not the end of the line, it is just the beginning of a long life of research.” said Father Yalung.

Fr. Yalung dedicates his new achievement to his parents who never failed to motivate him to finish whatever he started.

He said, “I dedicate this (diploma) to both my parents because they are my inspiration in the process of equipping myself through Theological studies and, secondly, to liturgists and enthusiasts of the sacred liturgy for their selflessness and patience in laboring on researches that allows us to gain new knowledge.”

Father Yalung finished his degree in Theology and Philosophy at the Mother of Good Counsel Seminary and his Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome.

-Jennifer Anne de Castro

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