Convenire: AB Comm Studes Gather for Annual Convention

AB Communication students of the University of the Assumption School of Arts and Sciences gathered for the annual Convenire at the UA Multi-Purpose Hall, September 16.

Convenire, a Latin verb meaning to meet or to gather, is organized by the AB Communication students.

With its theme “ Film and Theatre: Internalizing the Art”, this year’s conference placed emphasis on the discussion of motion pictures and theater arts to which both are subjects of interest to the delegates.

According to Rhovin Luke Maglaqui, Event Head, Convenire is relevant to their studies since it fosters understanding on various communication fields.

“In our class, for example, we have an edge in film-making and theater arts, (with Convenire) our skills are improving even in editing” said Maglaqui.

He mentioned also that the seminar is beneficial to incoming third year Comm students as they will soon be having subjects related to the topics.

Moreover, AB Comm students also find the subjects timely and interesting for they are part of their academic curriculum.


“Parang nagiging handa na po kami. Para alam po naming kung anong pag-aaralan namin next year. Tsaka sa tingin ko po… nag-go- grow at naeexpose po kami” said Kobe Quebral when asked about his learning during the event.

Mr. Prince Harvey Gatus of Mayad Studios talked about film while Ms. Vicky Manalili of Teatro Fernandino spoke about theater arts. They are both alumni of the university.

They provided workshop and talks to the students on film aesthetics and theater acting.

The conference of the AB Communication students is annually held to keep track on the up-to- date trends on media and arts, and is organized by third year students supervised by their professor in Personality Development, Mrs. Kristianne Joy Sombillo.

– Jennifer Anne de Castro

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