UAJHS Celebrates Advocacy Day

University of the Assumption Junior High School (UAJHS) celebrated the much anticipated Advocacy Day on July 22, 2016. The annual celebration aims to promote the different causes being advocated by UAJHS and strengthen their impact among the students.

advocacy 2016 22

The seven (7) advocacies are UAJHS for L.I.F.E. (which stands for Leadership and Volunteerism, Intellect, Faith and Environment ), I Speak English, Alang Plastikan, UA Graduate Attributes, Foul Language Free, 12 Little Things Every Assumptionist Can Do for UA and Cheat-Free. The objective of these advocacies is to strengthen the formation of junior high school students into globally competent, morally upright and socially responsible 21st century learners outside the confines of the classroom.

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Highlight of the celebration was the Advocacy Fair which featured different booths organized by the recognized student clubs and organizations. The booths showcased the application of each advocacy through games. Prizes and freebies were given to those who participated in the different games. The following were adjudged winners:

Best Advocacy Booth
FIRST PLACE – Cheat Free
SECOND PLACE – 12 Little Things
THIRD PLACE – Alang Plastic-kan

Best Advocacy Game
FIRST PLACE – 12 Little Things
SECOND PLACE – I Speak English
THIRD PLACE – Cheat Free

advocacy 2016 27

Judges were Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) Director Rev. Fr. Oliver Yalung; Campus Ministry Director Sr. Marissa Figuerroa, OP; College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology (CCSIT) Dean Mr. Joey Suba; Secretary to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Mrs. Cristina Basilio; and Parents and Teacher Council Association, Inc (PTCAI) President Mrs. Shirley Babera.

advocacy 2016 1

Students from the top partner grade schools were present to witness the celebration and have a glimpse of life in UAJHS. They gamely participated in the games and mingled with the junior high school students. It was a day of fun and learning with UA Junior High School students sharing their talents with the grade school students.

– Reported by Ms. Maricel Layson

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