INSET: Working Together for Deregulated Status and Autonomy


This is how University President Fr. Joselito C. Henson described the future of the University of the Assumption (UA) as he rallied the administrators, teachers and non-teaching personnel to work together for productivity in a spirit of trust.

Fr. Henson made these remarks during the In-Service Training (INSET) on June 2, 2016 on the 5S method in quality management. The 5S rule is currently being implemented in the university. The one-day training was aimed at providing UA employees with proper perspectives on this method.

Mr. Joseph Pineda discussed the 5S rules and the standards used in maintaining well-organized and highly effective workplaces. He explained that 5S, to be effective, must be a way of life. Using the original terms in Japanese, he said that

“seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (sustain) must be observed by the individual within and beyond the work area”.

13343045_10153469066981851_934522304909348107_nJoseph is an alumnus of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and currently the Trade-Industry Development Specialist of the Department of Trade and Industry – Pampanga Provincial Office.

Fr. Josel admitted that the road to achieving the goals for 2018 and 2023 will be rough but he is hoping that everyone in UA is

“ready to make and implement (the goals) in the most effective, most efficient (and) most mutually beneficial way”.

And, as he encouraged the UA family to always strike a balance between family culture and professionalism in doing their work, he advised everyone to

“remain open to God’s interruptions/grace”.

“…If we have succeeded in facing and hurdling bigger challenges in the past, I don’t see any reason why we can’t this time – if only we can harness the same dose of grit, determination, and ‘stick-to-it-tiveness’ that make up the Assumption spirit, he said”


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