Aguilar is TOSP Region 3 Finalist

Cris S. Aguilar has been selected as one of the regional finalists for the Search for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) for Central Luzon.

Aguilar graduated last April 13, 2016 with a degree in Accountancy. He is currently preparing for the board exams for certified public accountants in October 2016.

Driven to take challenges positively, Cris was able to successfully hurdle the complexities of finishing the last year of his academic program and review while leading the central student council that unifies the 4,000 strong college students and links them to the administration, both their reassurances and concerns. A few days before his graduation, he thanked his parents, offering to them the fruits of their sacrifices. He wrote on his facebook account, “the journey was never easy but it became possible because of you”.

The TOSP is an annual search for “talented and inspiring young Filipino leaders who exceeded academically and led others to do their best”. In his letter, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the TOSP in Region 3 said that Aguilar “represents the best of this year’s regional nominees and truly embodies BAYANi, a Filipino who has the heart for the nation”.

Aguilar, together with the other finalists, will be attending the 4-day TOSP Regional Week on May 27 to 30 in different places in Pampanga. The event will allow the finalists to join in different activities that will hone further their leadership skills. Awarding of winners will be held on May 30.

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